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DC LED drivers

In this category we present power supplies, constant current or current drivers.

There are several basic methods for powering LEDs, but for high-power LEDs the most reliable and correct is the use of drivers with a constant output current.

The advantages of using these devices are many and here we will list some of them:

Extremely high power factor (efficiency) or PF designation, which in the products offered in this category is not less than 85% and reaches 96% for certain models.

They have a stable output current and voltage, regardless of the fluctuations of the input voltage (some of the models have an input voltage of 90 to 260V without changing the output). This quality makes them extremely suitable for settlements with unstable voltage, as well as when using renewable energy sources without the need for duplicate losses (inversion and then voltage drop), and for this purpose we will offer AC / DC, as well as DC / DC LED drivers.

Current drivers extend the life of LEDs.

When using these devices, LED applications do not differ in installation from conventional luminaires.