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We present to you professionally assembled in Bulgaria street LED lighting in three product lines and respectively with different class of components and technical parameters.

We keep housings and components in stock, as well as basic finished products, but we also produce to order, and the time for execution of orders is between 1 and 3 working days, depending on the volume and our current load.

Remember that you can buy each component or accessory separately!

The product lines include products with power of 10W and 300W and we use housings and various components and circuit solutions to meet the different requirements of our customers and their sites, and last but not least to be adequate to the price-sensitive local and neighboring countries specific market.

➤ "Standard" series - LED luminaires with high quality and performance at a low price made in Bulgaria and 24 months warranty!

➤ Series "Professional" - This is our main production line for products with professional application in infrastructure and urban projects with high requirements for component quality and performance along with 3 years warranty and excellent price.

➤ Series "Expert" - Products with top quality built from the top series of components of world leaders, assembled in Bulgaria by professionals! Standard warranty 5 years, optional 7 years!