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Category for high-power LEDs suitable for basic LED lighting: interior, exterior, main and decorative, as well as for special LED lighting: conventional and marine aquariums, lighting for jewelry stores, lighting for shop windows for fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and other specialized lighting , for which we can offer you all the necessary components, as well as ready-made solutions. Here you will find only high quality products with a guarantee and correct technical parameters at a good price.

We will NEVER mislead you about the technical parameters of our products and products. A fact that distinguishes professionals in this industry from incompetent traders who overestimate the technical parameters in their descriptions, relying on your trust.

We regularly make control purchases and unfortunately, among the correctly presented companies and products, there are more and more often those with very high and unrealistic parameters!

Again, due to the announced technical values ​​at some of the traders it turns out that they have achieved almost world records in productivity, power factor, life (theoretical or laboratory simulated), as these parameters are for top or even above the top indicators, complete with mutually exclusive qualities.

Every declared technical value or parameter on this site is real!