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The LED lenses you will find in this category have many applications in LED lighting and along with the most commonly used in basic LED lighting you will also find specialized optics.

The exceptional variety of beam angle, body and size will cover almost all your needs for quality LED optics.

Most LED lenses are manufactured by one of the leading companies in this sector, Ledlink.

A novelty in our product range are the lenses for COB LEDs for industrial, household, street and facade LED lighting, as well as ZOOM optics with variable angle. The applications are numerous, but with the use of Stratuslight LED lenses you achieve illumination where you need them. and this makes your LED lighting much more efficient.

Another goal is to be useful to the many intelligent and skillful users who want not just to buy ready-made LED solutions, but to build their own LED lighting.

We will also be useful to fellow developers, with the available components, which makes the expensive prototyping and development process much more accessible.

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