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LED video screens (LED displays) for indoor use have many applications, but most often have the following applications:

Virtually all types of displays and screens are used in TV studios.

At concerts, large organized advertising events, LED screens are an integral part of the show.

In many of the gyms, advertisements are broadcast or again with the help of LED video screens.

Increasingly, the interior of nightclubs and discos are built-in displays as part of the multimedia of the hall or simply as part of the dynamic lighting installation.

You will find LED screens in the control rooms of companies with continuous production,

In energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, airports, you will definitely come across them.

Some armies, such as the US, use displays and screens in most military bases.

The rest of the applications of these electronic products are left to your imagination and emerging needs.

All screens need a control system that is not included in the price of the cabinets (modules).

All all displays need specialized wiring and mounting accessories that are free for our customers.

All LED screens need specialized installation, which is free for our customers with facilities over 10 square meters.

You will find all control systems, components, accessories, and spare parts in a separate category.

LED displays from Stratus Light Ltd for indoor use - full color, two color, one color, SMD, DIP LEDs; with 2 years warranty and after warranty service at an excellent price with extremely short delivery and installation times.

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