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  • Warranty


Stratus Light® is a trademark of Stratus Light Ltd. UIC 200088664 with registration and address of management: Bulgaria, Ruse, 25 Nikolaevska Str.


For our products, we provide warranty support in accordance with the conditions described in these warranty conditions and / or the accompanying product packaging.


Defects arising in the course of normal operation during the warranty period and in accordance with the applicable laws and other regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria are considered as a warranty event.


  • Validity of the guarantee

The warranty is valid for defects in operation, manufacturing defects, as well as for defects in the materials used or inconsistencies in specifications.

The warranty is not valid in the following circumstances: improper installation, incorrect connection to the mains, improper operation of the product, improper operating conditions, defects from external interference (including power failures), improper technical maintenance or use of unauthorized service.


  • Warranty

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is certified by an invoice and / or receipt.

The warranty period is indicated on the product packaging, as well as in the technical specifications and / or operating instructions.

The term may be individual for a specific product according to the operating conditions and may differ from the announcements on the package, for which an warranty card is additionally filled in after an agreement.

In case of possible repair or replacement of the product with a new one, the warranty period is NOT extended.

In case the warranty period has expired, the repair of the product is performed against payment after obtaining the consent of the customer.

The warranty does not cover defects of associated consumables.


  • Complaints handling

Complaints are handled in one of the following ways (priority is given): repair of the product, replacement of the product with a new one, acceptance of the product back and refund of the amount paid.

In case of warranty service, it is necessary to present an invoice and / or a receipt to certify the date of acquisition and identification of the product.

The repairs of the products are performed only in the service of Stratus Light Ltd.

The products are sent to the service center cleaned and with a written description of the defect.

The packaging of the product must be appropriate for transport.

The transport costs to the service base are at the expense of the sender.


  • Address for filing complaints


The address for filing complaints is:


Stratus Light Ltd.

Ruse, 23 А Tutrakan bul. (With courier service chosen by you) and / or

Econt Ruse, Commercial Office- 44 B Tutrakan bul

Please provide telephone number 0877795556


The application of the invoice / receipt documents and a written description of the defect is a mandatory condition for compliance with the warranty.

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