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In this category you will find current LED drivers for indoor use, which are characterized by high power factor and small physical size.

The devices have different power and we recommend that you follow the safety instructions for high voltage operation (performed by qualified technicians), as well as the indicated number and type of LEDs.

Never supply less than the minimum specified number of LEDs (when connected in series), and never install more LEDs (when connected in series), the drop of which in the right direction is greater than the rated output voltage of the LED driver.

The use of drivers with a higher output current for LEDs with a smaller one is correct, taking into account the specific parameters, eg:

Power supply with constant current 650mA and voltage 28V can be used for 7 pcs. LEDs with rated current 600-700mA for colors white, green, blue, or for 10-11 LEDs with colors yellow and red, as well as for two circuits with series-connected LEDs with rated current 300-350mA with 7 white, blue or green LEDs, as well as for two circuits with 10-12 red or green LEDs, as the two circuits are connected in parallel (in parallel)

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